About Midoree

About Midoree

Founded in 2019 in Mumbai, the brand was conceptualised to design products which are a conversation starter - MIDOREE. At Midoree, we create products that are carefully crafted with a mix of art and design to create products which are a representation of how today’s and tomorrow’s generation aspire to be, in the hustle and bustle of all our modern cities and lives.

Merging the elegance of “Bombay,” with the energy of “Mumbai,” we have tried to accomplish the classical and the modern in our products. Apart from shipping in India, we vouch for ourselves as “global” in a way that Midoree bags and accessories are designed to sustain effectively in any type of world environment.

To maximise support for our local craftsmen, every part of our product made at Midoree is sourced and produced locally, which helps build a livelihood. Whilst, contributing our bit to our country India, we extend our support to the governments “Make in India” initiative.

About the Artisan

The hallmark of our products is that they are hand-crafted to attain a fine balance of high-utility, environmental sustainability and elegant styling, for both men and women, who live a contemporary urban lifestyle.

Keeping this in mind, Midoree is hinged on the idea of creating unique products handmade by craftsmen thus, providing them with sustainable livelihoods to run their families. We believe in “the process” and know that in order to get the desired outcome and a product of great value, there cannot be any shortcuts. For this reason alone we have a great team of craftsmen who love what they do to hand make each idea into a real product.

Handed down for generations, their craft runs through their veins and is perfected over time. They’ve gained mastery over textile. They continue to spin magic with every stitch, immersing themselves in every fine detailing, to create vibrant and dazzling patterns and designs.

At Midoree, it is our mission to find hidden gems, a breed of gifted artisans, and help keep their talents alive, so that they can share their labour of love with the world, and arm you with something you love.

Our endeavour is to “make it minimal yet noteworthy”.

We design from India, for the world.

Rashi and Manizaay

About the Founders

Rashi Mehta- Studied Msc Marketing from Manchester Business School; worked as a digital marketing consultant for 2+ years; and then started Ripple Effect Social Enterprise, a platform which provides sustainable bulk gifting solutions.

Manizaay Kaikobad - MBA in Advertising & Brand Communication from Symbiosis, Pune; worked as a Senior Account Executive Client Servicing in Fountainhead Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. for 2+ years post which co-founded Ripple Effect Social Enterprise, a platform which provides sustainable bulk gifting solutions.